Size: 72cm x 80cm

Yarn: 8ply Acrylic


Wrap up your precious one in this delightful baby pink blanket. Hand-knitted in acrylic yarn so that it’s safe of baby’s skin. Light and warm, it’s perfect for use when you’re out and about with a little one in the car or pram. Use it at home for a little extra warmth in the cot or a bouncer.

Don’t worry about spills—just throw it in the washing machine and airdry. Constructed of soft acrylic 8ply yarn to minimise allergies, the blanket feels snuggly next to your skin. It is light, durable and easy care—machine-washing and air drying will keep your throw cuddly soft and beautiful for years to come.

Please be aware that each throw is handmade and therefore unique. It’s one-of-a-kind. It is not a ‘perfect’ mass-produced, manufactured item. There may be natural variations and joins in the yarn and we regard these not as faults, but as part of the beauty of our hand-knitted blankets. The average-sized throw takes around 100 hours knitting time and is created with love to envelop you with warmth, comfort and security.

Pastel Pink Baby Blanket

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