Bring light and warmth to your life with our luxurious candles. We hand-pour them for you from the finest ingredients to create the perfect calming ambience wherever you are. This gorgeous large candle is double-wicked and is a stylish addition to warm your room. 

Lotus is connected to spirituality with qualities that evoke a sense of serenity.

Each candle is lovingly created with pure, natural fragrances and soy wax that is both natural and kosher. Soy is a renewable source that is completely biodegradable. It offers a clean, slower and cooler burn so that your candle is safer and can be enjoyed longer.


Container:           Designer Tin

Wax Weight:       350g

Dimensions:       135mm x 135mm x 52mm

Fragrance:           Lotus

Large Pewter Bowl Luxury Lotus Scented Candle Tin