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Why Bright Butterfly?

Bright Butterfly is the brainchild of two sisters, Kerri and Jo. They have always dreamed of working together since they were young girls. Jo loves to write, authoring her first novella at the age of 10. Kerri’s natural artistic talents also emerged during childhood—she loved to draw, and her skills were obvious in her exquisite pictures and penmanship.


The sisters developed careers from their loves, Jo in writing and speaking, Kerri in graphic design and calligraphy. Both women are mothers, so as they raised their families and advanced their careers, they often mused about combining their talents to create inspiration through design, meaningful words and art. Bright Butterfly is the realisation of their long-held vision fulfilling their passion to create books, products and art that inspires and uplifts people everywhere, every day.

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Why Survive-Revive-Thrive?

When we started our mission to help people to deal with trauma, we distilled our message down to three words: Survive-Revive-Thrive that are easy to remember as the stages of processing any type of challenge we face in our lives.

No matter who you are, being human involves a vast range of experiences, some planned and others unplanned with moments of exquisite joy and excruciating pain. There are times when we are numb, feeling nothing and then moments when we are overwhelmed by too much emotion.

This platform is designed to connect you with the resources and people who can help you and those you love when you need support. Whether you are physically affected by accident or disease, or psychologically impacted by emotional or mental trauma, here you will find the inspiration to help you move forward in your own space and time so you can survive your pain, revive your potential, and thrive with passion.


Why the name Bright Butterfly?

The Survive-Revive-Thrive theme started with a book series. It's now expanded to fulfil our vision of creating a community to foster connection, a place offering helpful resources, and a store providing art, homewares and handmade originals to comfort and provide hope. We knew it was time for a name that encapsulated our mission.

We chose Bright Butterfly because it perfectly represents the transformation process that we all go through when we experience and recover from trauma. Our “before” life is like a caterpillar state, confident of the ground level view we have of the world. When some type of challenge or trauma occurs, everything changes and our “after” life can make us feel like hiding in a cocoon to process what has happened.

This leads to the most critical part of the process—reviving again. Transforming into a butterfly is something that each of us must do for ourselves. Bright Butterfly is the light of hope to lead you from cocoon to butterfly. We can’t wait to see you flying high above the ground, revitalised with a broader perspective, filled with a new resilience, and empowered with the inspiration to thrive.

Caterpillar  - Cocoon - Butterfly

Survive - Revive - Thrive

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