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With over 35 years experience in writing and a Bachelor of Arts (Communications), Jo is a published author of self-help and wellness books centred on overcoming life's challenges. She also writes fiction books in the romance, young adult and children's book genres.

Speaker & Interviewer

Jo is an accomplished speaker, interviewer and researcher. Her personal experience of thriving after trauma is highly sought as inspiration and motivation for corporate, training and community audiences.

The survivor of two cancers, the traumatic pregnancy and births of her two children, debilitating migraines, financial crisis, two divorces, emotional abuse and PTSD, Jo developed strategies that resonate positively with others. She has learnt to thrive and now lives with the purpose, dedicated to helping others to survive, revive and thrive.


Advocate & Ambassador

As an Ambassador for the Cancer Council and the Leukaemia Foundation, Jo has lent her support to these causes close to her heart. She also partners with the NSW Health Department to improve the hospital experience for patients and carers.

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Graphic Designer

Kerri was born with an eye for detail. She embraced her love of design and achieved a First Class Pass Graphic Design Diploma at the Billy Blue School of Art. Over the following 30 years, Kerri has been an Art Director for international corporations. She has also worked as a freelance designer.


With a love for rendering fonts and scripts, Kerri nurtured her passion by studying the art of calligraphy. Awarded a Certificate of Calligraphy from TAFE and a Diploma of Western Calligraphy, Kerri has won multiple awards for her calligraphy artworks. The magic really happens when Kerri combines calligraphy with graphic design to create unique artworks that brilliantly enhance the meaning of the words she has lettered.


Performance Art

Kerri and Jo combine their talents to bring power, hope and inspiration to their messages. Jo’s keynote speeches are made all the more meaningful with the live performance of Kerri calligraphing the key message in front of the audience during the talk. The sisters create a lasting impact on their audiences, furthering their mission to make a tangible difference to people's lives.

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