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Pregnancy and Birth

Survive your Pain.

Revive your Potential.

Thrive with Passion.

Have your hopes and dreams for an ideal pregnancy and birth been smashed to pieces? 


Here you'll find resources and real-life stories of women who have experienced trauma around pregnancy, miscarriage, infant loss and life-threatening newborn illness. These are first-hand insights into coping and processing your physical changes and emotions with practical information on how to access the right support.

Know that you are not alone.

We have shared from our hearts to give you hope.

With help, we have survived, and so can you.


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Everything You Need to Know

Inspiring women who have experienced pregnancy difficulties, miscarriage, infant loss, premature and sick newborns share their stories and what helped them to heal.

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Our Guide

Here's where you can find support organisations to help you to meet the challenges of pregnancy and birth.

A directory for Australia & NZ, UK & Europe, USA & Canada.

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Our Support

 Get this easy-to-read book on coping with pregnancy and infant loss.

Filled with useful tips and practical ways to process your thoughts and emotions.


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