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  • What are the candles made of?
    We do not use paraffin wax because it is made from a petrol by-product and releases harmful toxins and residue in the form of black soot in your home.Our candles are created with pure fragrances and soy wax that is both natural and kosher. Soy is a renewable source that is completely biodegradable. It offers a clean, slower and cooler burn so that your candle is safer and can be enjoyed longer.
  • How are the candles made?
    Each candle is personally blended and hand-poured to make the finest luxury scented soy candle.
  • How do I use my candle safely?
    Always burn your candle on a level heat resistant surface away from drafts Trim your wick to approximately 6mm before each burn Never leave your burning candle unattended Keep your candle away from children and pets
  • What yarn is used in the blankets and throws?
    We choose to use high quality acrylic yarn because many people have allergies to wool and other fibres. The yar is also a colour fast, making it easy to care for, ensuring that it will last and look brilliant for years to come.
  • How are the blankets made?
    Each blanket is hand-knitted with love. It takes approximately 100 man hours depending on the size of the blanket. They are not patch worked or joined pieces,we knit each blanket as one to ensure consistency and the comfort and warmth of a seamless wrap to envelop yourself in or to lay as a decorative touch in your living room or bedroom.
  • How do I care for my blanket?
    We design the blankets to be easy-care. Just machine wash them and air-dry naturally.

If you have any other questions about our inspirational books and gifts, please reach out to us on our Contact page.

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