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Chrissy Teigen Experiences Pregnancy Loss

I just read today that the effervescent Chrissy Teigan, presenter extraordinaire, and her husband, singer-songwriter John Legend, have just faced the agonising trauma of pregnancy loss.

Known for her unfiltered Instagram posts, Chrissy has been so brave in sharing personal photos that convey the couple's devastation.

"We are shocked and in the kind of deep pain that you only hear about, the kind of pain we've never felt before," she wrote. "We are so grateful for the life we have, for our wonderful babies Luna and Miles...But everyday can't be full of sunshine. On this darkest of days, we will grieve, we will cry our eyes out. But we will hug and love each other harder and get through it."

Thank you Chrissy, for allowing us into your world. Sharing your experience helps every woman, bringing greater understanding and awareness to everyone.

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