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According to the Cancer Council, 1 in 2 people will be diagnosed with cancer by the age of 85. Inevitably everyone in these countries will be impacted by their own cancer diagnosis or that of a family member or friend.

This is a unique book that provides both inspiration and proven strategies to help cancer patients, their carers and family members to navigate the emotional and physical devastation of a cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Author Jo Spicer has survived her own battle with cancer and realised the need for newly diagnosed patients and their support team to get a true understanding of what they were facing. By reading these stories about people who have been on a similar journey, and learning what they did to not only survive but thrive, patients and loved ones can find hope and information on how they too can survive and thrive.

How Cancer Saves Lives brings you motivational stories from survivors of different cancers including breast, lung, prostate, cervical and blood cancers. Aged from 3 to 76, they offer hope and guidance to anyone facing life’s tough challenges.

You will discover:

- Practical tips for turning physical and emotional issues into positive opportunities

- How to make informed decisions on your treatment and care

- First-hand insights and strategies you can put into action

- How to apply this information to any battle with adversity, and much, much more!


"Jo Spicer’s collection of inspirational stories of people who have had cancer should be compulsory reading for all health professionals who have any involvement in the care of people with cancer. Carefully balancing the harsh realities and the humour of cancer sufferers, Jo Spicer provides a window into the world of people who are facing a major threat to their lives. This book will contribute to better outcomes and a more holistic approach to cancer treatment. In addition to the many amazing stories, the book contains wonderful practical advice for cancer patients, families, and support persons. I salute the heroes of Survive and Thrive and thank Jo Spicer for her skill and dedication in bringing these stories to us." - Dr Mark Bassett, Executive Director of Medical Services & Clinical Governance, ISLHD, NSW Health.


"Jo has captured the essence and character of the people in this book beautifully. So much so that I feel like I sat around the kitchen table with them, fully involved in the discussions about their personal struggles with cancer. I am humbled by their generosity. Most experienced intense suffering, fear and seemingly insurmountable odds. Regardless or perhaps because of this, all exemplify how, in our darkest times, the human spirit can mobilize strength, determination, courage, hope and wisdom. While the individuals may not see this themselves, I believe they are incredible human beings who remind me of the dignity and preciousness of life." Dr Sue Leicester, Clinical Psychologist.


"This is such an honest insight into the effects of cancer from the very first signs through diagnoses and everything that comes after. Jo has captured the true spirit of the journey people go through on their fight to survive. How they come through it much wiser and stronger with a whole new outlook on life. I was captivated from the beginning of the book and hope that all cancer patients will get to read it. Nothing has been left out. It is a practical, no holds barred inspiring reference book on how to survive and thrive from a cancer diagnosis. Knowledge is power and the information in Jo's book will empower whoever reads it." Maralyn Young, Founder/President, Breast Aware.


"The honest and inspirational stories of survival and the practical advice you and those you have interviewed give, will hopefully provide a roadmap for others to negotiate the difficult path you have followed." A/Professor Robert Lindeman, Haematologist, A/Professor, School of Medicine, University of NSW.


"A truly remarkable collection of people's experiences and reactions facing the life-threatening condition that is cancer. Filled with wisdom and resources from those who know first-hand what it's like to face and survive a diagnosis." Emelie Cariné Gustavsson, Marketing Manager, CancerAid


"What an inspirational and informative piece of literature! Unfortunately, people from all walks of life know someone who is suffering or has suffered through cancer. This is such a touching, yet practical approach to provide insight and hope for those who are facing this trauma. Well done, Jo." David Crowe, CEO, Wollongong Private Hospital.

"I loved the book, and I was impressed by the resilience of humans. I'm amazed at how people, who may not have considered themselves to be brave, are often very, very brave. I see people who are unable to cope with a stubbed toe, cope with life-ending illnesses and really find the strength in themselves that they didn't know was there. It seems a shame that people have to face the end of their life to realise what great depth of character they have. It was nice to read about the kindness that other members of the community were able to show to people who were in trouble. I hope it encourages other people not to be frightened to put out a helping hand to people who are unwell. Some members of the community feel uncomfortable when they see somebody without hair, or without a limb. They tend to withdraw but this is the time when people in trouble need all the help and support and kindness that they can get." Dr Jenny Smiley, GP and National Telstra Business Zaffyre (small business) Award Winner, 2006.


How Cancer Saves Lives

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