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"May the wings of time fly faster when we are apart."


Is someone you love moving away or going on a trip? Say, ‘Bon Voyage’ with this thoughtful card. When time and place separates us from our loved ones, it’s easy to wish for time to move faster until the moment when we are together again.


“Wings of Time” captures this thought. The hands of the clock are poised like wings, ready to take flight, beating at a quicker rhythm so that lovers and friends can be swiftly reunited. We’ve left it blank inside so you can express yourself.


This is an original design by award-winning calligrapher, Kerri Long.


Size:           18.2cm x 11.7cm  (Folded)

Format:     Vertical

Exterior:    Premium Gloss Finish

                     Full Colour

Interior:     Matte Finish


                     Blank for Personal Message

                     Decorative design on left side of fold

Envelope: White

Wings of Time Clock Card

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