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Timothy Latest Single

After his brilliant performances on The Voice, Timothy James Bowen is back on stage post-COVID. When I met him a couple of years ago and he shared his incredible story of overcoming a Stage 4 Lymphoma Cancer diagnosis at the age of 25, I had to include it in the book "How Cancer Saves Lives".

He has a voice like the angels and is an incredible songwriting talent. He's written songs for TV Shows 'Nashville', 'Instinct' and 'Winners & Losers'. He's produced his own EPs and you can find them on Spotify and Apple Music.

It's so great to see him performing live again, and I hope to be there in a few weeks when he tours in my area. One of the features of his show will no doubt be his latest single, "The Greatest Thing", a song written as a surprise for his wife, Christina as part of the speeches at their wedding. If you watched The Voice, you might have seen his impromtu performance of the song. Check it out on YouTube:

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