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Why Are Candles So Calming?

Candles are a favourite in our home—we always have at least one lit in our living room. Beautiful candles in pretty containers are lovely décor accessories, but there is science to back why they bring that relaxing ambience into our lives.

The mesmerizing quality of candlelight has a proven effect on our emotional state. The gentle flame and soft illumination relaxes our gaze and starts a chain reaction to calm our bodies.

And when you add another layer of sensory input as scent, the mood and ambience are further enhanced. There are so many different scented candles available today, from bright citrus notes and pretty florals, through to deep, full bodied woody undertones.

Choosing a candle to complement your activity can greatly enhance the experience. If you’re enjoying a little bit of me time and taking a bath, choose a candle scented with calming scents such as lavender and rose. For a romantic dinner table, you might like to try something with vanilla.

Just as important as the candle scent, is the choice of candle wax. If you find a cheap candle, it’s likely to be made of paraffin wax, a by-product of petroleum. These candles can release unhealthy toxins and soot. Find candles made of soy or bee’s wax, that are environmentally friendly, sustainable and safe.

Beware of cheaper candles that are made with synthetic fragrance. If you are hoping for the aromatic benefits, then choose candles created with genuine essential oils for maximum efficacy.

At Bright Butterfly, we use the highest quality eco-soy wax combined with real essential oil scents. We have created a range of soothing candles that provide the calm that is so needed right now. Choose from our luxury range of tins that can be reused as a storage cannister after the candle is finished. From pretty patterns to sleek candle bowls, you’ll find something to suit your décor and mood.

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