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Secret to Wellness in Longevity

What do you think are the most important things to living a long and healthy life?

A good diet?

Regular exercise?

A good work-life balance?

Reduced stress?

Good mental health practices?

If you believe that any or all of these are key factors to wellness and longevity, then you’re right. But you might not be aware of the real secret to a happy and long life.

Studies into the lives and habits of centenarians on the Italian island of Sardinia, reveal that the real key is close personal relationships and plenty of face-to-face interactions. The proof is in the number of centenarians inhabitants per capita —there are more than 10 times as many as in North America.

COVID isolation periods disconnected us from friends and family and many of us may be struggling to get back into regular face time with our loved ones. Others have bounced back and are right back in the swing of their previous social life. But if you’re feeling a bit stuck, you’re not alone.

I encourage you to move forward gently. Start with small steps. You could start with a casual coffee and go from there. Sometimes it’s a matter of setting the catch up, not overthinking it and just turning up. I find that when I am there, face-to-face with a loved one, I am filled with a joy and warmth that can only come from personal connection. There is no doubt in my mind that loving and being loved in return is the essence of life.

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