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The Unique Joy of Handmade Gifts

What’s the big deal about buying something that is handmade rather than mass-produced? Sure, you can buy a mass-produced candle at Kmart for maybe half the price of a handmade equivalent, but what are you actually getting for your money?

Yes, they are both candles but that’s where the similarities probably end. Here’s some things to consider next time you are buying a gift.

1. Quality

If we use a candle as an example, you’ll probably find that mass-produced candles are made from paraffin wax which is derived from petroleum. It’s not something I want to burn in my home and breathe in. With handmade candles like ours at Bright Butterfly, you can check the ingredients. Ours are made from pure, natural fragrances and eco-soy wax so they provide aromatherapy and burn safely.

2. Sustainability

When you buy handmade, you’ll likely find that they are made from artisan-sourced environmentally friendly raw materials. We choose soy wax in our candles because it is sustainable and kind to the environment. Unlike mass produced items, we don’t have factories rolling off thousands of items a day. Instead, we spend time lovingly creating each individual item, so we invest our time and good intentions with good materials.

3. One-of-a-Kind

Because each product is made with our own hands, no two items are exactly the same. Each one of our hand-knitted blankets takes over 100 man-hours to create and each of them is individually designed. We select the stones for each bracelet to create a beautiful and harmonious piece of jewellery that maximises its combined effect. You buy something that is unique in the world, a true one-of-a-kind original you can treasure.

4. Supports Local People

With the world still grappling with closed borders, transport delays and job shortages, buying handmade supports local people who are doing something to support themselves and the economy. Buying local and handmade is a great way to keep our economies going.

5. Keeps Craft Skills Alive

When we were children, basic skills like knitting and sewing were taught at school and at home. I remember my mother teaching me how to knit and recall how frustrated she was as a right-hander trying to teach a left-hander! Sewing, cooking ceramics and woodwork were standard subjects, and this helped keep these important skills alive.

Today there are other priorities for teens and some of these skills are starting to disappear from common use. Buying handmade keeps this valuable skill set and knowledge alive and ensures that they won’t be lost.

6. Joy

Artisans make what they love to create. Crafting something incredibly unique and beautiful brings them such a feeling of satisfaction and fulfilment. The greatest joy for an artisan is to see the appreciation and love of their work by others. Your support of handmade is a gift for you and the artist alike.

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